Posing in front of Worrell Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

Posing in front of Worrell Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

Spring has finally sprung again, with several commissions completed and lots of new works on the easel.

I’m happy to announce that as of this month I am now also being represented by Worrell Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s an honor to hang among these other amazing artists. Santa Fe is definitely a major art destination and this gallery is definitely worth a visit. I have always found that New Mexico also makes for a wonderful photographic journey, which I have done numerous times over the years and look forward to doing again soon… from the must-do pilgrimage to Rancho de Taos down to following the footsteps of Georgia O’Keeffe, an artist whose prickly devotion to her privacy I have always envied. Plus the collecting of bones and dead stuff. Which I am prone to do.

"Number Fifteen" 12x12 oil

“Number Fifteen” 12×12 oil

"The Orator", 30x24 oil

“The Orator”, 30×24 oil

Stepping off my soapbox about New Mexico, I wanted to show a recent fun piece entitled “The Orator”. This, along with the sweet painting of a Holstein’s face entitled “Number Fifteen” are products of my photo shoot that was talked about in my last blog. Two different interpretations of the same subject matter.

"Drag Net", 24x36 commission

“Drag Net”, 24×36 commission

As much as I like being able to put on canvas my own bovine visions, I also welcome commission work, like this recently completed painting of a wonderful Texas Longhorn bull named Drag Net. The best part? The owner was ecstatic about this painting. Those kind of reactions are what truly make my heart happy.

One of the customers once commented on what a fun life it must be for an artist, holed up in our studios all day alone, creating art. Well, yes and no. Certainly, when “in the zone” with no interruptions and a painting is working, it can be wonderful. Alternately, there are times that nothing works right and I get frustrated …. pulling out my hair and wanting to rip up all my canvases and I start eating fistfuls of chocolate and watching cat videos on Facebook. Luckily, things will always get better the next day. Art is my life and my passion. With it comes the good and the bad.

Buzzard on fence

If I were reincarnated, I’d want to come back as a buzzard. Nothing hates him or envies him or wants him or needs him. He is never bothered or in danger and he can eat anything.” (William Faulkner).

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