Cow skull Christmas décor at our little R-Lazy-S Ranch cabin.

Cow skull Christmas décor at our R-Lazy-S Ranch cabin (even little cow skulls on the tree!)

Greetings  and Happy New Year to one and all!

As I prepare to take down the holiday decorations at the ranch and welcome in 2016, I want to thank all of you who have supported me and my art, given me encouragement, and accompanied me this past year on a continuing and fabulous artistic journey.  I am grateful to each and every one of you!


Me on Geronimo, my new favorite boyfriend.

Me on Geronimo, my new favorite boyfriend.

Among other happenings this past year,  I want to announce  that in August, we added “Geronimo” to our small herd of Texas Longhorns.  I guess you could say that he is Rose’s replacement.  He’s a huge steer, and absolutely magnificent.  He should make a good model for a future painting.  And while bovines are still my favorite subject, in the meantime there are several more whimsical works on the easel that have filled my time of late, featuring different kinds of creatures.


"The Sea-Hare" 16x20 oil on canvas, available at Worrell Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

“The Sea-Hare” 16×20 oil on canvas, available at Worrell Gallery in Santa Fe, NM.

One such painting is “The Sea-Hare”, which is another in my series that follows in the footsteps of Botticelli’s Venus.  I thought I had just made up that title, but later learned that there actually are  underwater creatures by that name.


I recently completed another similar painting along that same vein…. one that began as a demonstration for a group of folks at Bill Worrell’s beautiful Texas studio.  Here is an image of the progression of that painting, from the drawing to the mid-point (done at the demo), and, after bringing it back to my studio where several adjustments were made,  the final product. You can see in the middle image where this Dutch Rabbit has a rat’s nose.  Hmmm.  I did, however, correct that…..Rabbit before after

Me at the easel 2015And so I continue to paint. I don’t know where any of  my paintings will be in the coming years, or whether they will be around for the sake of posterity.  I suppose my art will be considered my legacy.  It’s certainly what my heart loves to do.


“I don’t want to achieve immortality through my work.  I want to achieve it by not dying”.  ~ Woody Allen

Till next time,